PEACE EDUCATION- proiect internaţional pe durata a 2 ani

“PEACE EDUCATION”- proiect internaţional pe durata a 2 ani, în parteneriat cu HWPL Coreea de Sud,, finalizat astăzi de clasa a VIII-a A

Peace Education
A grade Dr. Bernady Gyorgy School Targu Mures
On the 5
of December 2019 a partnership between our school and HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) from Korea, was signed. The pilot class where we had the 1
lesson was the 7
A. The students have learnt interesting elements from the traditions of different countries, they have learnt about the
importance of tolerance and respecting other people’s traditions, they have played a “true

false” game, they discu
ssed opinions about peace and its meaning for mankind, they have received a first lesson about peace. The lesson was held by Mr. William Nam, HWPL leader,
who knew how to raise the students’ interest, created a pleasant atmosphere, rewarded the
students who gave correct answers and motivated all the students to participate to the activities. The themes discussed were about current issues in the world and the students were
excited to learn less known things about Korea’s civilisation and other topics.
The project was to take place over a period of 2 school years and in that time (December 2019- May 2021) the students participated to 12 lessons proposed by HWPL and taught by teacher Diana Pitea